What We Fund

The California Campus Catalyst Fund supports:

  • An average grant award of $125,000 provided directly to campuses for the first 12-month cycle (although grant sizes vary). Collaborations involving multiple campuses are eligible to receive larger grants.
  • Individualized technical assistance from seasoned consultants to help campuses design and/or refine the delivery of support services and resources to undocumented students and their families based on lessons from other campuses across the state.

In the first year of the California Campus Catalyst Fund’s three-year term, $3.875 million has been awarded to selected campuses for the 2018-19 academic year. Annual renewals with gradually decreasing grant amounts will be made through 2021 contingent upon fulfillment of agreed upon grant objectives.

The California Campus Catalyst Fund focuses grant support on campuses with new or nascent efforts to serve undocumented students. We strive to ensure distribution of resources to campuses located across the state of California – from north to south, inland to coastal, and urban to rural.