Application Submission

To submit an initial application, please prepare a Letter of Intent (3-5 pages long) with the following:

  1. Campus Name(s) & Location(s)
  2. Primary Contact Person’s Information (name, email, and phone)
  3. Project Website, if applicable
  4. Project Information:
    – Statement of need;
    – Description of proposed project, including how it will serve undocumented students
    and family members;
    – Brief description of capacity to undertake proposed services, including any staffing plans; and
    – Brief explanation of how existing services for undocumented students, if any, are currently funded or provided.
  5. Description of existing connections to the undocumented student population on campus as well as outreach and engagement plans.
  6. Description of your campus’ internal approval process for applying for grants of this nature and the length of time required to secure authorization to submit a full proposal.
  7. Identification of senior campus administrators and/or faculty prepared to serve as internal champions for sustaining the project beyond the Catalyst Fund’s three years of support.
  8. Academic Year 2017-2018 budget, if project already exists, and proposed project budget for Academic Year 2018-2019.

Please email your Letter of Intent to Write your Campus Name(s) in the subject line of your email.